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In Greek mythology Urania was the muse of those arts and sciences that involve knowledge of the heavens and of man’s relationship with them.  Historically man’s knowledge of the heavens has been embodied in the twin sciences of astronomy and astrology.  From the 17th century onwards these have been regarded as separate and distinct subjects. Astronomy has concerned itself with the knowledge of the physical universe whereas astrology has explored the links between the cosmos and human life.

The Urania Trust was founded as an educational charity on the 9th November 1970.  The founding trustees were James Russell, Ada Phillips, Charles Harvey, John Addey and Tom Fripp.

The aim of the charity, as set out in its trust deed, is “to further the advancement of education by the teaching of the relationship between man’s knowledge of, beliefs about, the heavens and every aspect of his art science, philosophy and religion.”

At present the Urania Trust seeks to fulfil this aim by offering grants to individuals and organisations for publishing, translation, research etc. within its area of interest.

The present trustees are Jonathan Powell (Chair), Babs Kirby, Lindsay Radermacher and Christeen Skinner.

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