Welcome to the Urania Trust

The Urania Trust was founded as an educational charity on the 9th November 1970 to further the advancement of education regarding the relationship between man's knowledge and beliefs about the heavens and every aspect of art science, philosophy and religion. Our founding trustees were highly esteemed astrologers: James Russell, Ada Phillips, Charles Harvey, John Addey and Tom Fripp.    Read more about The Urania Trust...

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Saint Peter’s Basilica an Astrological Triumph

Astrology may not come to mind immediately for the millions of visitors who take in the spectacle of Saint Peter's Basilica each year, but construction of the church was in fact begun on a certain date and at a precise time chosen for its astrological significance.

Astrological Terms Hiding Everywhere in Plain Sight

The English Language has many words whose etymology is derived from astrology. Is it lunacy to consider that the flu disaster chronology has anything to do with astrology – even on a Sunday? In case you missed them, the above sentence contains six astrology-derived words!